Easy Red Marco Amadei 2017

Welcome to the Operation Overlord. Prepare to land on all five Normandy sectors: Omaha, Juno, Sword, Utah and Gold. Fight on the sand, by the forrest, parachute on the fields and conquer the hills: Welcome to Easy Red. The game is in Alpha. Every mission could receive significant changes. Many missions could be added. When the full version of the game will complete, new maps and locations will be added as free DLC. Multiplayer will only be released when the full version will released. You will fight on the most significant battles of the D-Day, from the sea landings to the capture of Caen. You will able to drive vehicles, use many weapons, manage your inventory, command your squad as team leader or take cure of it as a medic, refill magazines, parachute from the sky, and much more. You will have access to all the future DLC. The first planned DLC is the multiplayer session. The other DLCs will be planned after the publishment of the full version and will integrate new maps and operations like Operation Anzio, or even some WW1 Campaigns.
Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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