New World: The Tupis Novo Mundo 2017

Early Access Release This is an FPS adventure game about the South America colonization, during the 16th century, the player controls Raoni, an indigenous who had his tribe raided by the Portuguese colonizers, free every indigenous warrior imprisoned, and once they recover, they will fight at your side, can a single indigenous warrior, save his tribe against the powerful colonizers? A completely clean screen, fully focused on the action and allowing a complete immersion in the character. Feel yourself truly inserted at this historical moment and never before portrayed in the games. Explore the Brazilian fauna and flora and turn it part of your strategy. Use your bow to take out every enemy, their weapons cause more damage, but your bow is faster. Once you finish the main campaign unlock 2 different characters to play, with new weapons and way of playing. Fight in levels based on real life locations, with historical soldiers and weapons.
Download: None currently available

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