Chopper Battle New Horizon magnussoft 2017

Escape your opponents with avidly daring maneuvers and become a hunter, who knows no mercy. Fight against your enemies in dramatic 3D air battles, experience the detailed environment of the battlefields, experience thrilling missions and dive into the action of air combat. Six different helicopters from three different countries (D, USA, Russia) are waiting to be taken to the battlefields. Face hostile pilots, marine units or the heavily armored ground forces. Embark on a mission that requires all your flying skills. Features: 18 challenging campaign levels; Free play with 7 maps and 3 missions each; Smart AI opponents; Awards in the form of medals for every level and difficulty; Difficulties - easy, normal, hard, very hard; Elaborate 3D graphic design - high-resolution ground textures, breathtaking particle effects, lovingly designed building models and much more (3D vegetation, post effects, realistic water).
Download: None currently available

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