Deathpit 3000 Cyberlamb Studios 2017

Set in a dystopian future, DEATHPIT 3000 is a classic co-op LAN party game in which you fight waves of enemies to claim arena championships. Battle your way through four distinct Deathpits and slaughter hoards of deadly enemies to earn Spacebux, unlock weapons, equipment and upgrades. Players choose a unique quantum ability, each of which promotes offensive or defensive play-styles. It can be played solo or with up to four players over Local Area Network (NOTE: This game is officially LAN only, however it is possible to play remotely with friends online using a FREE hosted VPN service (we like 'Hamachi'), however please note that stability is not guaranteed). It’s a punchy experience, great for casual gamers but with enough challenge and tactical depth for hours of replayability. Features: 1-4 player LAN co-op; 4 championships; 4 powerful quantum abilities (shield, group teleport, lighting attack and invisibility); 5 voiced playable characters; 6 tactically distinct, upgradable weapons; Grenades, mines, jetpacks, armour, deployable walls and turrets; 13 enemy types, each with unique attacks and weaknesses; Complete wiki of humorous universe and backstories; Steam Achievements & Cloud Save.
Download: None currently available

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