Shinma Touki Den: Magus In Mystic Geometries D.N.A.Softwares 2008

The Legend of God Demonic, the title translated in English, is a Touhou Project free moving shooting fangame. With only three lives and three bombs the player controls the on-screen Patchouli Knowledge from a top-down perspective, defeating ever-increasing swarm of enemies and collecting the items they drop (enemies bombed will not drop items). It's an omnidirectional shooting game greatly similar to games such as Robotron, Smash TV and Geometry Wars, even taking a few stylistic cues. There are six stages and no specific storylines. Player start the game with only stage 1 unlocked, while another can be unlocked by obtaining clear points from beating the medal scores listed for each stage. This, along with the related fangame Touhou Unreal Mahjong, are rare examples of (the original creator of the Touhou series, Zun's, contributions to Doujin works.
Japanese ISO Demo 89MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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