Renters Revenge Hyperbolic 2017

Renters have gone mad and they are coming to kill you. And why would they want to do that? Haven’t you always been a fair LANDLORD? Ah...nope! So call it justice, call it a cruel taste of revenge, or maybe just a terrible nightmare. Either way your life hangs by a thread. So survive if you can as wave after wave of killer renters try to destroy you with extreme prejudice. Here's what you get: Psychotic Renters - Tons of vicious crazed renter enemies coming in hordes to destroy you, some are even supersized; Guns Galore – Blast away with a pistol, shotgun, or golden Ak-47; It's a Renter Zoo out there – A fully-virtual world with new levels on the way; Easter Eggs – explore the level to find secret vantage points; Aggression Displacement - Relive your latent cruelty by slaughtering renters.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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