Disputed Space ShilohGames 2017

Experience epic space battles while piloting a small, fast fighter ship as part of a fleet that lashes out against enemy factions across stunning procedurally generated star systems. Features: First Person Space Shooter with Six degrees of freedom (6DoF); Single player campaign with 30 levels; Pilot your ship by rapidly strafing, aiming, dodging, and shooting; Local Split Screen Co-Op Multiplayer; Play as part of a large fleet; Fly in between large capital ships while dogfighting with fighters and bombers; Procedurally generated space scenes; Large battles with dozens of ships and thousands of projectiles; Arcade, Action, 3D SHMUP; Highly Optimized (100+ FPS on a modern PC); Single Player with Optional Local Co-Op Split Screen Multiplayer Mode; supports 2-4 player local co-op split screen multiplayer in addition to the single player mode. Friends can jump an existing space battle by simply pressing the fire button on their game controller or joystick. It will automatically add the additional local co-op player to the game and split the screen for the players. This mode is a blast to play with friends and family. It's a fast-paced arcade action game, not a realistic simulator. It is a 6DOF game that plays like Descent or Overload, but in outer space instead of inside a mine. Players pilot a small fighter ship that can fly in any direction (including backwards) while blasting enemy ships with lasers and missiles. Multiple Control Schemes - A new Control Scheme option was added on June 24, 2017 to let players tune it to their own control style. In the Main Menu, select Options, Controls, Advanced Control, Control Scheme, and then select the control scheme you want to use. The Action control scheme is similar to Descent or Overload, and the Flight Simulator control scheme is like a typical flight simulator. You can select which ever control scheme you prefer.
Download: None currently available

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