Machine Crisis Jump the network 2017

The story begins with the pirate attacking the outpost base of the federation. As a soldier, you are commanded to join the war. What no one ever saw is that some monsters called Biomech hiding in the void are thus wakened. Experience high-intensity battle in virtual reality. Player fights by controlling a turret with the Vive controller. Every level unlocks a new weapon. Each level features a new Biomech. With careful examination, players can spot their weaknesses. Each Biomech has a dozen attack patterns. Players need to counter them with tactical use of defense mechanism & agile body movement. All levels have an estimated playtime of 10 mins, making it a moderate challenge for players with different skill levels. The game has 3 levels currently with more coming as free updates. Bosses include Earthshaker - "You can hear this monster tumbling miles away, with each step thrusting fear into your heart. Some soldiers even pissed their pants before it actually showed up. I was lucky, losing my consciousness when buried under ruins brought by the monster's attacks. When I woke up, my comrades were gone, and my sight was filled with nothing but blue, sparkling dust." -- Sergeant Alex -- Federal Military Court. Shadowlucker - "V_log 2321-9-11: This is Doctor Miles on the expedition to reveal the mystery of these huge tunnels found around the planet surface. I think I've found the reason. Look at those small mechanical spiders over there. Looks like they are, em, trembling, while devastatingly digging into the ground to run away from... ("Ahhhh!!"-someone's screaming from outside the camera) Oh, sh*t, this is bad, F**K, AWWWAA, my ar.............." -- Last transmit from the U-232 planet expedition team. Voidtearer - "Shut up you idiots. Back in the day I was a still a star explorer (loud laughter from around), I went on a scout mission to Colony C-080. Yeah, there used to be a colony before a gigantic explosion. Guess what I saw there? A robotic rat thing larger than Qomolangma was gnawing its fella (loud laughter again). It looked at me as if my ship was a f**king mosquito. Soon after I came back I submitted a report and quit the star explorers. You never know what kind of horror is hiding out there, kids." -- A drunker in a bar on Primal Earth -- Former ace pilot of the star explorers. Others include: "DustDragon", "Octo", "MuTRax", all with zero confirmed encounters.
Download: None currently available

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