Arrowpoint Spotted Zebra Software LLC 2017

This is the developer's second game made in a week. You've got a bow, a horse, and a burning desire for glory. Luck would have it that there's a mysterious beast wandering the desert nearby, so what are you waiting for? Go forth and leave your mark on the world. It's a simple game about hitting a bunch of targets and waging battle with a huge beast. It's fun because firing arrows from horseback is fun and because waging war with giants is fun. It's released for one dollar so people can join in this crazy game-a-week adventure. Ride your horse and fire at increasingly more challenging targets. Wage battle with a giant monster. Record your name for eternity in the Steam Leaderboards. Controls are Mouse only: Click to start moving. Hold down right-click to aim. Hold left-click to draw bow. Release left-click to fire arrow. Features: Horseback archery; Epic battle against a giant enemy; Beautiful, 3D environment and effects; Challenging level design; Steam Leaderboards support; Short, fun pick up and play gameplay.
Download: None currently available

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