Dangerous ☆ Patchy-San with Suwako-Chan [J] UTG Software 2013

Patchouli, tired of the noise made by frogs outside the Mansion, decides to ask Suwako for help, but the moment she does so, the mansion is submerged in the waters of the lake, so both must return it to its original state. In this game you can exchange Suwako or Patchouli in certain specific points, your job will be to use them at the time they are necessary to reach the end of the level. In addition to that, in certain occasions you will find passages that are very small for both characters, that's when the Mini Suwako comes into play, whom you will have to handle astutely since she will try to reach you in any way, grabbing everything that find your way. Once the game is completed, you can unlock the Boss Rush Mode, which as the name says, will allow you to face the bosses once more.
Japanese ISO Demo + Patch 544MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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