HyperCore: Out of Dimension Zima Software 1999

In 2040, QuadraTec controls most of the space available with money, violence and terror. QuadraTec is carrying out research into unknown extraterrestrial entities in its laboratories. If the research is completed, the biochemical war will be on the horizon. On the outskirts of the Galaxy to the forgotten asteroids, the trade union HyperCore is formed in the meantime, its only goal being to end QuadraTec's dominance. He went through demanding tests and was included in an elite unit that controls combat machines. Together with a few other teams, you have to destroy the QuadraTec key center in various places of the Galaxy. This is a 2D shooter made by Czech developer that takes 3 CDs. The player has a choice of three different robots that can be further upgraded with weapons. They can be bought and found during battles against an army of enemies. The game contains a total of eight levels, each of which is divided into three sub-levels, and in each of the final sub-levels there is a boss, making it eight bosses in total.
3CD ISO Demo 1.76GB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
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