Cars with Guns: It's About Time Null Reference Games LLC 2017

Early Access Release This isn't a very complicated game. You get some Cars. You get some Guns. You put them together. Now throw in a time machine that leads to car combat arenas based on various time periods from 65 million B.C. to 10000 A.D. Blow some stuff up. Run some things over. Do some crazy stunts. Snipe someone with a Railgun. Get points for all of it. Whoever has the most points when time runs out wins. Points carry over into your garage to buy new cars and guns. Bring some Friends. CwG supports 1-4 players with up to 12 computer opponents in one arena. Join forces in Team Battle or play Free For All. Each vehicle can have 4 weapon systems mounted to it at once. In hindsight that was probably too many. CwG aims to bring unique and funny elements to the table. Weird stuff a AAA company would never do. Velociraptors will get run over. Cows will explode. Pyramids will fly. Physics will be laughably wonky. Someone will get sniped from across the map with a 13th century cannon. The Roman Colosseum will finally host Car to Car combat. We might not be able to bring you anything comparable to a million dollar AAA title, but it's sure to bring some laughs. It was designed to be a fun and easy game to break out when friends are over. There is virtually no wait when loading the game up, you start in your garage and additional players can drop in and out of split-screen by pressing the start button. The game was designed to be played with xbox controllers, but any controller that works on PC should work. Keyboard/mouse is supported but not exactly recommended. Right now Cars with Guns has one game mode - We'll call it 'Classic'. In classic mode players and AIs gain points for everything: Drifting, jumping, flipping, rolling, destroying the environment, shooting other cars, ramming other cars, blowing up other cars, knocking other cars out of the arena, running over wildlife, etc. all give points. The combo system rewards players for keeping a stunt going as long as possible. Whoever has the most points when the chosen time runs out wins. More game modes are planned - more info in the "Expected content" section below. Vehicles have high freedom of movement for a car game. Vehicles can "Jump", "Spin" or "Roll" at the press of a button. Yes, cars can jump. Features: Full Vehicle Physics; Destroyable Environments; Good mix of vehicles from 50's cars to high end sportscars, as well as trucks, and even a school bus. A hover car will be added in a later update; Vehicles get dented up, parts blow off. Pickups system allows vehicles to store and use a pickup on demand. (Repair, Shield, Airstrike, Super Boost, Zero G, More being added); Change Vehicle paint. Full body wrap available on one car, more coming soon; Load-out your car with several different weapons from mini-guns to lasers to missile racks; Earn credits by playing matches and use them to unlock new Vehicles and Weapons; Giant TV screen based menu system, so all 2+ players can purchase cars and guns or change game settings simultaneously. It also makes it easy to see your completion percentage at a glance. 1-4 player split-screen. *Note* No online play is planned. Split-screen Couch Co-Op/Versus with 2-4 players is the primary purpose of this game. Expected content before game is considered "finished": 20+ Vehicles; 20+ Weapons; 9+ Levels; 4+ Game Modes. More game modes will be added such as an arena mode where you and your friends join forces to fight off waves of enemy AI vehicles of ever increasing difficulty and quantity, capture the flag, and king of the hill. Mini games such as "Drifting Contest" and "Car Bowling" will be added.
Download: None currently available

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