Dungeon's Barrage Jonathan Rocha 2017

Enter the dungeon and slip through its barrages. In the realm of Rahasya, one person in 500.000 is born with an affinity to use arcane magic for its own purposes, the so called Arcana Magus, but it does come with a heavy price: every arcana magus must enter the dungeon once every 2 months to be tested if it still capable of manipulating their arcane forces. So take control of the Arcana Magus and beat the dungeon's barrages. Bullet hell revisited: Danmaku, Bullet hell or as it is mostly known Shmup are all differents way to call the type of game that both player and enemy shoot hundreds of bullets as seen in: Type-R, Contra and touhou. In dungeon's barrage we took another look on the genre, putting the player in an fast-paced isometric arena evoking the feeling of a retro shooter to survive against the enemies to increase the final score. Features: Engaging fast-paced combat; Simple, eye-catching low poly action; Two normal difficulty levels and the Insane mode for the most daring of players; 6 Different classes with varying gameplay.
Download: None currently available

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