Metal Gear Survive Konami Digital Entertainment / Konami 2018

A spin-off to the popular series mixing cooperation-oriented play style with stealth and survival elements. This creates an alternative version of the events seen in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros, in which the oil rig housing the self-appointed country has been destroyed by XOF, a ravenous military wing of CIA. As a result of unexpected worm-hole rupturing the sky, the remnants of Militaries Sans Frontieres are teleported to an alternative, bleak dimension, inhabited by zombie-like monsters and scourged by numerous dangers. Our squad traverses post-apocalyptic locations, fighting off enemies using a wide arsenal of weapons, which includes firearms as well as melee weapons and bows. However, this time the players are cut-off from the support of the mother base – we need to gather the scarce resources, and use them to craft new weapons and equipment.
Download: None currently available

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