Major League Gladiators Team Major League Gladiators 2017

This is a 2-player co-op shooter for VR. Players take control of two classes, facing off against waves of enemies in an arena. The game attempts to use the immersive capabilities of Roomscale VR to create action packed combat as well as true cooperation between players. Players will have to attempt to survive as many waves of enemies as possible by synergistically using their abilities as well as keeping each other's health and ammunition up. In Major League Gladiators we concentrate on the co-op experience. We want the players to really play together. They attack together and they support each other. Lone wolves won't survive. This is the final project of bachelor degree students studying MultiMediaTechnology (MMT) at the FH Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. The game was created in cooperation with students of MultiMediaArt (MMA).
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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