Winter Warland Bitten Toast Games Inc. 2017

Battle other snowmen that have come to life. Hide among other snowmen or use the terrain to gain the advantage. In this free for all multiplayer battle, fight to be the last snowman standing. Use your snowballs to destroy your enemies from far away, or use your carrot as a sword and deal damage up close. The game features challenging AI players for when you don't have any friends online to play with. You can also add some spice to your matches with these mutators: Carrot only - If you want to battle like real snow-knights; No Decoys - If you are brave and have nothing to hide; One Health - One hit and you're dead; One Ball - One shot and you gotta reload; Slow Snowman - If you think those snowmen are way too fast; Big Snowballs - If you want to have an easier time hitting stuff; Explosive Snowballs - If you want things to go BOOM. Infinite Snowballs If you want to keep throwing snowballs all day long! Faster Snowballs If the snowballs aren't fast enough for you!
Download: None currently available

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