War Builder League Cyber Prophet / Fat Dog Games 2018

Release Date: TBA This is a multiplayer, strategy "Build 'em Up" shooter with custom built war machines and electronic battle mechanics. Build your own Custom War Machines - it's a multiplayer game that allows you to build your very own custom War Machines to use in an advanced combat environment against other players. Choose from an array of different cores and add components to it to enhance your machines. The effectiveness of the machine in combat depends on the player’s creativity and skill. It lets you take control of an enemy, target hostile units, jam radars and control your visibility to hackers. Victory depends on your team's ability to support one another and fight strategically. The game is brought to you by the lead designer of 'This War of Mine' and 'Anomaly 2' and his studio. Features: Engaging machine building; Hundreds of custom mechanical parts like wheels, legs and rotors; Attach radars to detect hidden enemies; Mount shields to protect yourself; Entertaining multiplayer mode with endless tactics; Atmospheric, dark futuristic world; Realistic physics.
Download: None currently available

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