Stardust Housemarque / Bloodhouse Ltd. 1995

This is an Asteroids clone first released on Amiga in 1993 that introduces a lot of gameplay modifications. There are 30 standard levels split into 5 worlds. Levels can be completed in any order however, you must fight an end-of-level guardian once you have finished the sixth level of a world. In each level there are standard disintegrating rocks to destroy. Their colour defines their endurance: greys are the easiest to be destroyed while yellows are the hardest. In most of the levels there are also other enemies but there are happens to be also some alliance forces providing us with new types of weapons or missiles. In total there are six types of weapons available: 3-way, bouncer, plasma, flamer, burster and missiles (maximum 3). Weapons can be collected by destroying alliance forces' ships. Each of these can be powered up to different levels. Fortunately you can power up one weapon while using another. Extra lives, shield enhancements and smart bombs are also on offer. Along with the standard levels, there are also 4 tunnel levels, which involve shooting what you can and dodging everything else as you dart through a ray-traced 3D tunnel, and 2 optional Thrust-style bonus levels in which lives can be won or lost.
ISO Demo 1.5MB (uploaded by
Full Demo 2MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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