Resident Evil: Mortal Night resevilnemesis30 2016

This is a completely fan-made standalone new scenario for Resident Evil 2 with a 4 hour-long campaign and 3 different endings. Over 30 cutscenes, new gameplay mechanics, new skins, soundtrack... This is the perfect Resident Evil modding experience. It's as complete as a new game of the '90s. It's a total conversion of the game, which conserves the original rooms. Enemies, items, messages, room effects, cutscenes and events are completely different. It's a whole new campaign. These are the most complex scripted rooms ever shown in any Resident Evil mod. This new campaign is divided in 3 episodes. An awesome new atmosphere based on a kind of 4th Survivor mode combined with part of the original survival horror feeling of the campaign; it also contains a new soundtrack, new story, skins for characters and enemies, a more complex route than the original game (because of doors's locks and item locations), new cutscenes and events... that will completely enhance the gameplay. The gameplay is a mix of action, puzzle solving and surviving: it’s pure survival-horror. Although it contains more action than the original game, the tension, and even the terror, are bigger too. The difficulty of the game is quite elevated, so it’s necessary to save ammo and look after the health since the beginning. Features: A more complex route than the original game (because of doors's locks and item locations); A very entertaining gameplay that can be quite scary in some moments; A higher number and variety of enemies; New soundtrack, that will multiply the enjoyment of the mod. Some tracks are directly composed for this mod; Enemies can drop ammo, weapons and keys, so you must kill to survive; A survival horror atmosphere; A cool design for the inventory and other stuff; New enemies; A hardcore difficulty; New combinations for items; New gameplay mechanics; Optional situations where you can choose what do you want to do; Very well worked sound for cutscenes and events; 3 Easter Eggs.
Free Game v1.80 533MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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