Ashes of Empire Midnight / GameTek, Inc. 1993

The Confederation of Syndicalist Republics is the setting for this strategy and combat game. Much like the similar looking USSR at the time, the society is crumbling, and you are an upstart aiming to take over power for yourself... erm, I mean, aiming to bring peace, harmony, prosperity and happiness. You start off in a small coastal province, and must progress by meeting people and negotiating to get them on your side – sometimes the sword is mightier than the pen, sometimes not. You must ensure that the more militant locals are pacified, and that ethnic minorities are looked after. While those sections are all strategic, there are also some vector-based combat sections. These ensure that brawn is required along with brains, and give the game some variety. As Mike Singleton's last and biggest game, it features a much-improved engine first seen in its spiritual predecessor Midwinter, with over 6,000 unique characters, vast 3D gameworld, and over 9,000 locations. You must select a tactic to bring order while avoiding a nuclear conflict with an embittered people; both strategic prowess and psychological insights are key to winning the game. Despite cumbersome interface and a steep learning curve, it's Singleton at his best.
Full Demo 1MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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