Tank of War-VR Wuxi Brahma 2018

Cockpit View, first seen in its genre, brings the player immersive experience of driving a real tank, meanwhile the player can freely switch to first-person, third-person or tank cockpit view to enjoy the very real VR (virtual reality) experience. IMAX Visual Feast - Unreal Engine 4 generates a magnificent lifelike scene such as the dusty desert, the frozen plateau and lush jungle which will provide you with an all-around audio-visual feast. Epic Battle PVE and Battlefield Combat PVP. Campaign Mode: Fight with AI tanks, reproduce famous historic battles and create your own glory history. Battlefield Combat: Provides 5V5 and 8V8 confrontation mode, allows the player to fight with others and fully enjoy the charm of destroying the "real" tanks. Reproduction of Classic Tank Models - Expertise guidance provided by military experts and the most representative tank models such as China's 99 Main Battle Tank, the U.S. M1A2, the German Leopard IIA6 and the Russian T-90 built according to the various performances in real history will let you dominate the whole battlefield.
Download: None currently available

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