Code Name: Origin Latent Studios 2017

This is a top down action adventure inspired by the classics in the 80's and 90's. You’re dispatched alone with a laser shotgun and the wits to uncover what transpired just days before you arrive. To survive you will unlock new weapons such as the missile launcher and armor upgrades as the speed boost to increase your mobility. Beat area bosses by uncovering their pattern and begin unleashing a volley of bullets to unlock new levels. Traverse to different worlds across space to decipher puzzles to throw you further into the events that lead you here. You received a distress signal from a Deep Space Federation Frigate. You turn on your ships onscreen view where you are immediately called to action. It has been 48 hours since last contact. All that is shared to you is the coordinates within the federation boarder and to initiate Code Name: Origin.
Download: None currently available

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