Adentrator Ediciones Manali 1991

This is a rare Spanish shmup. The essence of this very process is quite traditional: we fly through the seemingly endless cosmos from left to right, shooting enemies and avoiding obstacles. However, in many ways, the game is rather unusual. So, firstly, a considerable part of the enemies that will meet you in the first minutes of the game are dangerous for you in that they can be encountered, but in you they practically or not even shoot at all. Among the enemies - some flying turrets, small pink planes and green ones - quite the same as yours, but you still need to destroy them. Equally dangerous are static round asteroids that need to be flown around; At the same time, miniature nebulae (to call it as something more accurate does not work) are completely safe, although they look no less dangerous. In the game there are various bonuses - looking, for example, as gifts or hearts - and, surprisingly, the same appearance in appearance can give a different useful effect: the same "gift" first temporarily replaces your conventional weapons with wave ( more powerful). After a while, the action of the game will begin to unfold over something like the surface of a space station of monstrous dimensions (that is, still in space, but with a specific lower boundary). There will appear new types of enemies, already much more aggressive and killing with a single shot - the last, of course, the most colorful are the huge dinosaur robots, reminiscent of the transformer of the Trypticon. Note also that from a certain point on, the "missed" enemies can come back and attack you from the rear, and you can temporarily deploy your ship and lead the attack back. All this is done in a really very beautiful and truly gloomy, "cosmic" CGA-palette, where the excellent clarity of the drawing completely compensates for the lack of "colorfulness" (which is explainable and the place of action of the game). In its genre of this thing, there really is something to please and surprise even the experienced connoisseurs of the genre.
Full Demo 91kb (uploaded by

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