ZoneDriver Cybertime System 2018

Stalkers, modifying their driving buckets with Zone artifacts, created almost flying cars capable of hovering above ground for several minutes, before an inevitable and irreparable fall onto the desktop. They created real monsters to do DEATH BATTLES. Two modes, three types of cars, opponents from all over the Internet. Fight for yourself or join a suicide team to be killed by an enemy base. Unique technology to capture the movement of an eye. Interact with interfaces with your own eyes. Special psychological test that selects opponents and teammates. Tired of playing with people not your level? Play only with your own. Three types of floating cars, each has its own role on the battlefield, but all equally useless - no discrimination. A special physics of floating, which can cause both love and hatred. Respawn will restore the car after an imminent death; fight up to the last second or while the game does not freeze. Earn points to improve cars right in the process of battle, almost a legalized cheat. Collect artifacts to speed up the victory. Absence of pay-to-win, you can not get a victory with money, but you can make donations for the sake of unique appearance. Make a feasible contribution through Workshop, creating your own objects, characters, machines and whole game modes on Unreal 4. Show the developers how to do it right. Morally outdated graphics and effects, lack of a chat - nothing should distract a stalker from the game. The awkward interface will create additional challenge. The first game with eye tracking without using of special devices. All you need is an ordinary webcam or built-in PC \ gaming laptop camera. separate neural network of artificial intelligence is created for the game, capable of identifying eyes and pupils. The algorithm is completely local and works on the user's computer, without transferring data to remote servers.
Download: None currently available

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