Endless Alice: Nanairo Mahoutsukai Kikiippatsu! Lion Heart 2006

Endless Alice - The Seven Colored Magician's Close Call is the first endless survival platform shooter developed by LION HEART. Players control Alice Margatroid to destroy a slowly growing horde of forest mushrooms, until players runs out of lives to to rack up a high score. Alice is armed with unlimited supply of dolls which she flings or powers up to create a blast or chaining enemies. Alice can jumping to another platform, or sliding at short distances to move faster and evade enemies. The game features sixteen stages which can be chosen from the beginning. Gameplay is reminiscent of the original Mario Bros., however, Alice attacks her fungal foes conventionally rather than jumping on them. She is armed with an endless supply of dolls which she flings or powers up to create a blast, which may be used to start a chain effect of exploding enemies. Also making an appearance is Marisa Kirisame, who sporadically flies across the top of the screen on a broomstick, to be shot at and caught for points.
Free Game 11MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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