Whitetail Challenge PSR Outdoors 2016

It's time to take the whitetail challenge. See how skilled a hunter you are and how much knowledge you possess in survival skills. Vision, hearing, your sixth sense, all of these must be at their peak to survive and prevail. The ultimate goal is to harvest the hunting prize among prizes, the legendary monster buck. But this goal doesn't come easy, to reach this plateau you must first hunt and survive in the preceding four levels. Then you reach the rugged alpine world where it's you versus the legendary buck. Along the journey are perils, the ones that can cost you your virtual existence such as hunger, exposure and predator attacks. Armed with your choice of a Mossberg Patriot rile or a Mossberg model 500 12 gauge shotgun you are a formidable adversary. This is the ultimate survival / hunting simulation, do you have what it takes to survive the whitetail challenge? Features: Achievements feature for rewards, finding survival items, harvesting of deer, hunting level advancement; Realistic environments with full day / night cycles; 5 hunting levels - Pine Barrens, Cypress Swamp, Brushlands, Winter Woods, Alpine Forest.
Download: None currently available

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