Stay Alive: Apocalypse Mehan Games 2018

Early Access Release What is a Sandbox Survival Zombie RPG Game? First of all, it's a survival zombie game in basic. It offers you an apocalyptic city with zombies and survival elements against these bad-ass zombies. The cities will change in every new game. The places of buildings, the furniture in the buildings, the colours of the furniture and also the texture of buildings, the loot ratio, the places of NPC's and the zombies will change in every new game. The neighbourhood will be generated automatically and it will be different when you click "Start Game" button everytime. But this will not change the main storyline. Features: Apart from its unique genre, we offer you a unique gaming experience; 625km square map; 8 randomly generated cities in total; You can enter every house without a loading screen; You can interact with every object in our game; You will be able to move every object and furniture so you can create barricades for your safety; You will cook with a different and unique cooking system which you have never seen in other games; Dozens of craftable items and weapons; You can strengthen all doors and windows. Making many objects more useful by upgrading; Detailed and RPG based character creation with 8 different stats, 40 different traits, 12 different job backgrounds and 20 different skills. Also you can dubbing your character; A world with a day/night cycle and realistic weather - season system; You will find NPC's to interact and you can even team up with them; Different types of vehicles to drive and you can upgrade them; It is possible to make different liquid stocks (water, food, gasoline, oil, etc.); You will find interesting and different survival systems. (For example; if you run out of water, you can put a bucket outside while it is raining and fill it with water.); Over 50 different melee weapons, pistols and rifles; Lots of various injuries and illnesses.
Download: None currently available

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