BlackShield: Upora Story Shanghai Vsensory Network Technology Co.,LTD 2018

This is the beginning of an epic space opera series and the first Vive Developer Awards (VDAs): Best game award winner. It tells the origin of wars among Akkadian, Kronos and Clagtovian. Player will go back to the beginning of this brutal battlefield with Dominic, as one of the legendary captains in Black Shield fleet, set off the adventure from survive from crush to eventually become the Super Hero who saved the whole universe. CQB combat system - Utilize shelters in stages, hide yourself behind cover and return fire to your foes. Tear apart nearby enemies with bare hands and experience indulging and thrilling gameplay. Vehicle Mechanism - From Gatling bunker to giant mechanical beasts, you can conquer them, ride on them and return fire to your foes with tons of damage. Sneak Assassination - Sneak into the heart of enemy base cautiously, resist the temptation of your hustle mind. Reducing cost in battle field is smart tactic, neutralize patrolling foes silently would test your investigation ability, determination, and impulse, even how fast you would act. However, the most important is your psychology quality. Puzzle solving elements - Goodies scattered everywhere on the battlefield, you can always have some surprising reward as long as you'd like to explore. At the same time, beware the puzzles in the stage would challenge your mind. Achievement system - Every step is a reward. Collect all the achievements and become the champion of the Black shield fleet.
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