Monospace Milo Sedlacek (a.k.a. "Gradius") 1998

This is one of the best freeware shoot 'em ups you'll ever come across. It features very smooth-scrolling action and an excellent graphical detail even in a limited white-on-black palette (hence the name "Monospace"). There are also plenty of enemies, power-ups, a final boss, and a great control interface. On the downside, the game only has one level, but at least you will have fun with it before it's over. The game was never finished because its designer passed away from leukemia in September, 1998 :( May his game live forever as a testament to a wonderful QBasic programmer who selflessly devoted time and efforts in coding awesome games and helping other programmers.
Free Game / Hacked version to play in full-screen 35kb/30kb (uploaded by Logiclord Memorial Page)

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