Blood Strike xcloudgame 2015

This is a shooting game in first person, and provides the connection through Facebook. Exchange shots with several people connected to the social network, the game features several modes of combat already famous in the world of MMOFPS such as Team Deathmatch, Ground Battle and Battle against zombies. The game is entirely in Portuguese and has a very active community, which ensures matches all the time. In addition to enlisting using your Facebook account, the game also allows you to register using your email. It offers casual games in small maps up to strategic large-scale fighting – plus, of course, the electrifying Zombie Mode. There are several devices to choose from and as you play, you earn credits. They can be exchanged for new weapons, creating a choice of kits to face multiple enemies placed before you by the game. It is also possible to buy special credits with real money and can thereby acquire special weapons that can only be obtained in this way. It is an alternative for those who want to invest funds and become a truly deadly soldier to defeat the opponent and win matches. As the game evolves, it is natural that you find players who play in the same style and you end up creating friendships. That way, you can form groups with friends to always play with those people who understand their strategy. It’s an interesting way to interact with other players, identifying their clan and fighting to gain prominence and respect. Moreover, the game achievements provides a system that releases some medals as the player performs certain pre-defined actions. This kind of possibility is always interesting and gives an increase in the level of difficulty and fun of the game, it creates new goals.
Portuguese Free Game 40MB (uploaded by Baixaki)
Chinese Free Game (uploaded by Official Site)
English Free Game (uploaded by Official Site)

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