Cyberpunk Arena Alexey Glinskiy 2018

This is a PvP and PvE online action game in an underwater Sci-Fi setting. As a player, you'll be able to choose one of the underwater androids. Each android has her own characteristics such as speed of movement, armor, additional protection, etc. Every female android can shoot plasma missiles to destroy guards or sea creatures. The player can enhance the missiles during the game. During an incident, the underwater laboratory was flooded, and the player will be able to move both outside the complex and inside flooded areas. In the underwater world of 'Cyberpunk Arena', you'll be able to swim under the water exploring flooded labs, sunken testing areas, and fierce inhabitants of this world. Beware of gigantic underwater monsters they are incredibly powerful and dangerous. There are lots of different sea creatures, sharks, octopuses, and even a large mechanical squid. Many of the inhabitants of the underwater world are neutral and just move in the background of the events, but some try to destroy you. Compete with other players to become the best of the androids. Take the first place in the global ranking of best players in the Cyberpunk Arena.
Download: None currently available

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