Aim Trainer Pro DanD 2018

This will help you improve your aim and warm up quickly. Designed for FPS games this solution offers you the best way to find your sensitivity, great for anyone trying to get better at first person shooters. Key Features: Many Levels to choose from; Mouse Flicking & Tracking / Tracing aim exercises; Multiple Target types; Classic Aim Mode, Moving Targets, Sniper Mode, Tracking Modes, One Bullet Mode, Free Move & Custom Difficulty Maker; Lots of crosshairs to choose from, more will be added for free. Supported Games: Default - (use aim trainer pro default in-game sens); (directly use sensitivity value from these games) CS:GO, Overwatch, Paladins, PUBG, R6 Siege, Quake Champions, and more coming for free with updates. This product will receive free content updates that will improve features, patch issues and add new content.
Download: None currently available

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