Destiny 2: Warmind Bungie Software / Activision Blizzard 2018

Destiny 2’s second expansion focuses on a return trip to Mars, players will explore a new region called Hellas Basin and take on new missions and world events. In addition to new story characters to interact with, new bosses to fight, and new Exotics to find, the expansion also features a different approach to world quests. With Escalation Protocol, you'll be able to tackle a horde-mode style mission in the sandbox, taking on waves of Hive in order to reach the boss of the world event. Unlike other world events tied to specific schedules, Escalation Protocol is activated at any time after finishing the main story. Moreover, you can join other players who are engaged in their own events - even if you haven't reached the DLC campaign's conclusion. It adds the following features: New story missions and quest centered around Ana Bray, Rasputin and the Clovis Bray corporation; New Patrol space on Mars named Hellas Basin; New Public Event on Mars named 'Escalation Protocol', a challenging horde mode with unique rewards; New Strikes; New weapons and armour, including Exotics as well as a "relic weapon" named The Valkyrie Javelin; New 'Raid Lair' content for the Leviathan Raid, named 'Spire of Stars'; Increased max level cap to experience level 30 and Power level 380; As well as the above, there will be quality of life changes to Destiny 2, even if you aren't purchasing the expansion, including: Emote selector; New Crucible ranking system with Valor and Glory ranks, Private Matches; Tweaks and changes to Exotic weapons to make them feel more unique; Vault space increase; Exotic Masterworks. It should be noted all Crucible additions (maps, modes and changes) are now free to all players, regardless of whether they own DLC.
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