Destiny 2: Gods of Mars Bungie Software / Activision Blizzard 2018

Release Date: May 8 Destiny 2’s second expansion will be the first time that Guardians will be able to access the planet Mars, after it originally appeared in the first Destiny. It will feature a brand new area for players to explore called the Frigid Vale of Mars. The main antagonist of the new plot is Charlemagne, who has resurfaced on mars and imprisoned Rasputin within an ancient vault. With Ana Bray’s help, guardians must free Rasputing and defeat Charlemagne, and uncover the hidden knowledge of Clovis Bray. This will also feature a new enemy faction alongside new bosses to defeat, new campaign missions, gear, weapons and armor, co-op activities, and new competitive multiplayer arenas. Players have theorized that the new enemy faction might be Charlemagne’s Remnants, as the leak suggests, the main enemies players will be facing throughout will be the Remnants.
Download: None currently available

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