Monster Hearts DOS810 2010

In this world humans are coexist with Asmodian, special creatures being proficient in science and magic. In the small district of Akebonocho there exist "Monster Hearts", a cafe managed by three girls; Kyurarisu, Tama-chan and Francoise. However, no one knows that this cafe helps others overcome problems caused by Asmodians. This is a vertical scrolling shooter with visual novel developed using Shooting Game Builder. It utilizes three systems; life bar, moon gauge and spell options. Life bar is character's life points and when the life bar of a player character reaches zero, the player may lose a life. Moon gauge is required to launch special attack and added after destroying enemies. Spell options is a power-ups and obtained throughout the game. There are four magics with different effects.
Full Demo v1.5 67MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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