GunBound Softnyx Co., Ltd. 2003

Similar to the Worms series, Gunbound is a multiplayer, turn-based action game where players attack each other on a two-dimensional, fully destructible playing field. In Gunbound, players (or "avatars") operate any one of sixteen vehicles (called "mobiles") that each have unique characteristics. The variety of mobiles available dictate much of the strategy players must use for their attacks. Attacking consists of setting up an angle and a shooting strength, requiring intuition and fine-tuning to target correctly. Gunbound also features some additional enhancements on the Worms-style gameplay. Arena dangers occur, such as hurricanes, lightning, and even a floating machine called "Thor's Hammer", which shoots lasers at targets. Each player also gets up to six slots of items which can do certain things like shoot two weapons in one turn, teleport a character elsewhere, or restore health. Each battle rewards the player with an amount of gold based on their performance, such as the quality of their shots, or whether they win or lose. This gold can be used toward purchasing avatar clothing, providing not only a unique look for characters but also upgrades to their stats, as well. Based in Korea, Gunbound must be played on their multi-player servers; there is no single-player mode. The game is free to download and play. The developer, makes money from the game by allowing players to pay cash for avatar upgrades.
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