Gensou no Oukami Under the Gun 2014

Recently, for unknown reasons the youkais build fortifications around the mountain. As one of the Youkai Mountain tengu's patrols, Momiji Inubashiri wants to stop the intruders by making first attack. Gensou no Oukami (English: Wolf of Illusion) is a military combat-themed in which the player controls Momiji Inubashiri sent against an entire youkai troops. The player can shoot in eight directions, as can most of the enemies, and some amount of cautious advancement is required in order to survive to the end of the level. The player begins with two weapons: a riffle and grenades. The ammunition supply for both items is limited, but can be acquired during gameplay. Once the player has advanced far enough into enemy territory, there are several prisoners who will give power-ups, ammunitions and new weapons.
ISO Demo 93MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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