P-Zone Ari Games 1998

This is a rail shooter in the style of arcade games with a real gun or pistol which shoots on digital targets that appear on the screen such as Virtua Cop, Area 51, Maximum Force and The House of the Dead. In addition to elementary control by means of a computer mouse, there is a recognizable gameplay and a reactive soundtrack with no less energetic comments of a certain young person whose voice turns high-speed action into a futuristic TV show. The remarks of the system concern basically improving the characteristics of our starship of "bonuses", which should be selected in the same simple way - by firing on a flying pictograms. And the game process, as time can now guess, boils down to the dispersion of the clouds of importunate "gnats", which at a boarding distance begins to furiously shell the transport of the player. With long-term survival in airless space among alien debris, it is easy to distinguish a whole fleet of different flyers, fighter-interceptors, aircraft, orbital stations, asteroid belts and other extraterrestrial rubbish, the effective overcoming of waves depends entirely on the mark, weighted shooting, including advancement. The ship, including weapons, is filled to the top with electronics, and power guns are quickly discharged for unintended use. Restoring energy can be in three ways: less pressure on the trigger, more often withstand a long pause between shots and in time grab the necessary reinforcement, which at once will return all indicators a cheerful look. However, the only worthwhile motivation for such a time-consuming, even tedious task, is what happens in the background during each mission. The backdrop of the military operations was a series of dizzying first-person travels in open space, along a giant frigate like Salvation's rebel ship from the Star Wars universe, and over the surface of various known planets of our solar system. The foreign landscape is constructed in the spirit of old 3D screensavers, and every flight of the user shuttle is safely converted into a full-fledged video clip.
2CD ISO Demo 611MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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