South Park Iguana Entertainment / Acclaim 1999

This is a 3d-shooter game of the popular animated tv series. It has the usual weakly drawn comic style of the show (which is done in 2d cutout characters) so it's a peculiar choice for a 3d game. Extraterrestrials land in South Park and are out to abduct all women. This does not sit well with our gang of friends and they take up weapons to protect the town. These aren't your ordinary weapons and include a bowling ball, a fart cushion or a cow's cannon. One can slip into the role of one of four: Kyle, Kenny, Cartman and Stan and in the course of the game you meet all the characters from the series. Upon reaching select stages in single player mode, codes are revealed. These can then be input into the "Cheesy Poofs Decoder" to unlock additional characters for multiplayer Head-to-Head play. In multiplayer mode, the players select a level, characters, and game style (time limited, damage limited, or unending). For fans of the series this might be fun.
Full Demo 26MB (uploaded by
ISO Demo 402MB (Upload by Egon68)

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