Arena 3D Mike Bushell / MB2 Entertainment 2018

Early Access Release Fast, frenetic, bright and colourful arcade action set within a seamless digital realm. Accompanied by a pounding soundtrack, it features multiple game modes and global leaderboards to see how you stack up against your friends. If you love classic titles such as Geometry Wars, Super Stardust, Pac-man, Command & Conquer and many more.... then you'll love this. It's currently being developed by just one person and the vision is to bring classic arcade genres into a bright, colourful and exciting digital world. Jump into the action now through Early Access and be a part of the team to help create an addictive arcade masterpiece. Straight away you can try out 3 different game modes, complete with online leaderboards to satisfy your competitive edge. The game modes available in the current build are as follows: Exosphere - Fast paced and addictive twin stick bullet hell inspired by Geometry Wars & Super Stardust; Fathom - Test your fear of the dark with this Pac-man inspired nightmare. You can run, but can you hide? Commander - Crossing Geometry Wars with Gears of War Horde has led to the creation of this tower defence game mode. Build your defences and survive. Upcoming Features - more game modes to come: Velocity - High speed endless runner. Test your reflexes to see just how far you can get; Stranded - Fly in three dimensions as you take to the digital sky to defend your base; Tower - First person missile defence. Perfect your aim and annihilate your enemies. Arcade games are traditionally best enjoyed with other players and it has a prototype multiplayer system already, which will be released in the future as part of Early Access to work closely with the community to refine. The Dock section is under development which has an area to customize and unlock new ships and designs by completing challenges. Also in the Dock will be an area to unlock upgrades for your ship in each game mode category, so you can keep chasing that ever increasing high score. No game is complete without achievements, and the Medals area will display unique high quality and detailed 3D medals for each achievement that you unlock.
Download: None currently available

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