Rysen nkmr appworks 2018

This is an old school 2d vertical shooter (shoot 'em up style game). Features: 7 stages per 1 round; No bullet-hell; No bomb; No combo & buzz; No gems, medals and any other bonus items; Very simple bonus system; 3 difficulties; Fine configuration changes are possible. Option settings: Switch windowed mode or full screen mode; Adjust the window size. Original window size is 320x240; Adjust vertical scale of the screen for full screen, if you want to adjust aspect ratio; Adjust the window position to center of display screen; BGM volume control; SFX volume control; The difficultiy of the game to choose from three, normal, hard or insane; When using XInput gamepad, you can adjust the dead zone of the analog stick; Indicate or not help messages of menu screens; Remember player name (score name) or not to ini file; V-sync for full screen; Reset local leaderboards data; Key settings of the keyboard, XInput gamepad and DirectInput gamepad; Restore default settings. Extra Options: Practice mode (Stage select mode); If you want to play your ogg files in this game, you can change BGM with the playlist editor. In-game options: Adjust the brightness of game screen; Choose font colors and shadow; Choose weapon stat icons' position or turn off; Choose position of in-game messages or turn off; Switch SFX on or off when enemies attacks. Regarding some attacks, SFX will be played regardless of this setting; Switch shards effect on or off when enemies has destroid. Explosion anime can not be turned off; Switch smoose scroll and sprite rotation on or off; Switch display of FPS information on or off; Restore default settings.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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