Another Apocalypse Mercenary 2010

Far in the future, humanity in the year 2XXX A.D. has reached a period of prosperity, and has successfully colonized numerous planets. Suddenly, an entity known as Coordinator of 6th Heaven appears with intends to eradicate all of humanity. A small group of courageous pilots was fled to Mars in order to fighting the invader. Now with only few peoples are left, the survivors gathered in Apocalypse, a gigantic aircraft capable of firing hundreds of bullets. This is a space-themed shooting game. Playing as a rescue pilot, the player choose a ship with two charge attack options; laser and shield, each with different form and purpose. The player begins with two weapons: a straight shot and limited bomb supplies. It also features multiple endings which can be achieved if the player meets certain conditions.
Full Demo 430MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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