Raid: World War II - The Countdown Raid Lion game Lion / Starbreeze Publishing AB 2018

The Nazis will never rest, they will never give up and their aim is to dominate. But the same goes for the RAID gang. As a certain Nazi Scientist called Herr Bachman is turned, Control and Mrs. White gets their hands on a piece of information that might really put the Nazi rampage to a halt - at least for a while. But as all missions, this one will not be a walk in the park. New map: Countdown - The RAID gang are in an all-out action-packed mission to infiltrate and cause maximum destruction on an early prototype missile bunker which holds a V2 rocket. Every nook and cranny is filled with enemies and you need to stay close to the cart so it doesn’t stop moving as well as make sure that all resistance is dealt with. Every playthrough will differ as certain segments are randomised - providing every game session with something new. So if you want to make sure that the cart reaches is destination so you can blow up the V2 Rocket - you better stay sharp. This comes with some new stopping power weapons for you to unleash upon those pesky Nazis: Lee Endfield - A classic World War II rifle where its precise accuracy will make sure you'll never miss your mark; Sawed-Off Shotgun - Perfect for close-quarter-combat, as it's easily wielded and will seriously damage anything you hit; Mills Grenade - A must for every battle, cause as enemies starts to swarm all you have to do is pull the pin and let em' fly. New equipment: Bomber Jacket - A rugged and tough jacket that will at least make sure that it’s not the cold that kills you.
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