Criminal Bundle Eloquence Entertainment 2018

This is a first person shooter online multiplayer with low poly esthetic. Shoot other players while trying to open the safe or prevent criminals from run away with the money. Don't be fooled by the low poly art. You will need to master the police strategies so that criminals do not escape. You and your teammates will have to decide how to act in the robbery, what weapons you should use and what will be the breaking and entering zone. But as a criminal your strategy will be totally different. You must get to the bank and break the safe. Then, take all the money and run for your life. Don’t mind the casualties, don’t mind the hostages, just mind the money. There are many types of weapons like rifles, pistols, snipers and a knife. Choose wisely... or not, it's up to you getting the job done, but how you will do it doesn't matter. That's why you can pick different characters in both teams. but only the "bad guys" can wear different masks like a horse head, clown face, Mr. President covfefe mask among many others. We will add so many more in the future. Current maps have some hotpoints for snipers on roofs. We will expand the game with new free maps such as supermarket or a jewelry store among others.
Download: None currently available

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