Tanks Meet Zombies Titan Forged Games 2018

You are a Tank and you get to be introduced to the wonderful world of Zombies. Unwind with an incredibly serious yet extremely satisfying arcade shooter: Rip through hordes of comically-looking zombies, and some spiders, with an amazing array of ballistics (and non ballistic) weapons at your disposal. Feel a sense of Pride and Accomplishment by unlocking your arsenal as you perform achievements in campaign, arcade, survival or versus mode. Afraid of getting bit? Don't worry. You can also slaughter the undead from the comfort of your very own armored vehicle by running them over. Travel to insane and exotic locations including a Graveyard, a Caribbean Beach, the Wild Wild West, and more. Get ready to rank up that high-score as your blood lust intensifies. Unlock new armored vehicles, and weapons, as you play and change your gameplay style. Get ready to wipe your windshield as pieces of shrapnel come flying from every little thing you destroy. And possibly a few other features we forgot to mention.
Download: None currently available

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