Domino Effect GoshFather 2018

This is an Over-the-Top, Physics-Based, Independently Made, Action Game where you possess truly God-like powers and have to think outside the box in order to track down a missing baby panda that just may be the last one on earth....or whatever planet this is. Destructibility: Use your wisdom, along with both conventional and gravity-defying weapons and abilities, in order to utterly devastate the homes and buildings that occupy the small town of Pandastan. Singularity Cannon: Deploy a Black-Hole that sucks everything towards its center of mass. Pick up an entire building and use it as a weapon. Throw all affected objects at your enemy. Or go supernova and send everything flying in an outward direction. Use the Singularity-Cannon to inflict the most hardcore destruction ever seen. Telekinesis: Use the power of mind to throw things at each other or pick away at enemy structures. JetPack: Traverse the map quickly with your jetpack. Drop down on unsuspecting enemies from any angle. Use your jet pack to get to those hard-to-reach places. Save yourself from falling to your doom or simply perch yourself on a nearby mushroom and enjoy the beautiful scenery of destruction that you've left behind. Vehicle: Use your super-sleek, battle-ready race car with all of its destructive weaponry to smash, crash, and dash the slippery slopes in action packed fashion.
Download: None currently available

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