Burnin' Rubber 5 HD Xform 2018

This is the version of the popular webgame as it was intended to be! Battle over 30 challenges against the toughest opponents ever. Unlock new cars, buy new weapons and upgrades. It’s a massive 3D action arcade racing game, completely remastered. Jam-packed with all of the destructive goodness that made the previous games such a huge success. The Burnin' Rubber games have been online since 2007 with over hundreds of millions of plays. Iterating upon the previous one and trying to get even more action and explosions in the new one. Since the games were originally developed for online play we always had to cut and tone down our content. Also, browsers are now phasing out the plugins that are required to play our awesome games. The released version was never the same as our 'development' version, but NOT for much longer. This full HD remaster of Burnin' Rubber 5 features: Full high resolution textures and audio; New, additional and updated visual effects; Single Player Campaign and Daily Challenges (unlock unique cars!); 3 Challenge modes - battle with a team of 4 of your vehicles against another team; 36 Challenges and the most epic end boss ever; 50+ vehicles. Including, but not limited to sportscars, trucks, classics and a horse; 20 Primary and secondary weapons including miniguns, railgun, homing missiles and fuel-air RPGs; 6 Special weapons - Flak cannon, predator missile and redeemer etc.; Hidden Packages for that very unique, odd vehicle; Partial controller support.
Download: None currently available

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