Kurenai Bouki no Maria 2004

Maria is a poor girl from a distant village who dreams of being a witch. Unfortunately, she could not enroll in any wizard school because they only accept students from rich and noble family. One day, a contest between amateur magician held in the city, and for the winner will get an opportunity to enroll in the best wizard school. Kurenai Bouki no Maria (English: Maria and the Red Broom), or Maria STG for short, is a fast-paced vertical shooter set by quickly 3D moving background and enemies with bullets that swarm around player. Maria has two regular attacks; straight shot and spread shot. There is also sub-weapons with three different elements; wind, fire and thunder, all shares from the same magic gauge. The game also involves magnifier gauge, a special gauge which related to player's score. The gauge will increase when player attacking enemies without being hit. Conversely, when player hit by bullets or dies, the gauge will decrease.
Full Demo v1.2 147MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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