FeArea MUV Games 2018

Early Access Release This is the next-gen multiplayer team Action with MOBA elements. It's a battle of players against players or AI opponents on tanks, robots, and combat vehicles. Use the most advanced weapons, such as lasers, plasma guns, and rockets, to defeat your opponent and destroy their base, depending on the selected machinery and landscape. There is no blood or death. Huge powerful machines fight for people, and it's the perfect teamwork that brings victory. Join largescale battles that do not require grinding. Upgrade and boost your equipment. Let the distant planets become your battlefields. Enjoy the realistic environment. Destroy objects and buildings. Even if your friends are offline, you can fight against the AI opponents that are always available. Features: Unique universe of the game in the SciFi setting; Three classes of combat vehicles: tanks, robots, and machines, each featuring a unique gameplay; Rapid 5x5 team battles. No boring minion farming involved; Unique matchmaking system for rapid fights - it doesn't take long to find suitable opponents; AI partners (that is, bots) can act as allies or enemies - You've got no online friends? No worries! You can play with the advanced bots; Highly detailed world and machines developed under Unreal Engine 4 technology; Vehicle and environmental behavior don't violate the laws of physics; You can crush and destroy any obstacle or even a building; Upgrade system - the unique build of every combat unit takes into account your very own style; Your upgrade level can actually be seen - The higher the level, the cooler your combat vehicle looks; Everyone's favorite game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and "Capture the Flag", with different winning conditions. You may have to destroy the enemy's base (Deathmatch is temporarily unavailable during the Early Access stage); Combat perks, both class, and combat unit-specific. Unique upgradeable skills both for vehicle class and specific units. War of future scale and a really awesome and exciting future.
Download: None currently available

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