Star Century War General Fun Yours Technology 1994

This is a beautiful horizontal scroller with a good anime story based on Gundam style elements in space. There are two heroes in the game: man pilot - Late and anime-girl pilot -Easy Lover. They will be eliminating billions of enemy ships together. Every mission has a detail briefing. In the action you can see dialogs between pilots, HQ and enemies. The music is dynamical and very impressive, because it was used some of the classical musicians compositions. You will fly on assignments either alone or alone. Before the mission, a detailed briefing is always displayed, and you can also change the ship's armament configuration (裝備 更換). Your character has a significant set of game parameters, namely: the level of pilot training (等級), qualification (技能), the first type of weapons (裝備 一), the second type of weapons (裝備 二). Elements of "pumping" are represented by three characteristics: survivability (生命力), strength of spirit (精神 力) and experience (經驗 值). These three parameters are divided into current (prefix - 目前) and maximum (prefix - 最大). The action itself is incomparable. In the game settings (游戲 設定), you can select four levels of difficulty (the easiest - 簡單). There are so many different objects on the screen that you just do not have time to recognize them. The queues from your lasers and rocket launchers, in fact, merge into one continuous stream. Shoot by pressing the Ctrl and Alt keys. If you are flying in a pair, then for some reason only one of your ships gets damage. All "holes" are displayed on the indicators at the top of the screen. At the bottom edge is a steady improvement in your skills. Your experience grows as the number of destroyed objects increases. Then, in the extreme right position, the coveted Level Up occurs, and the indicator is reset to zero, after which the accumulation begins again. At various stages of passage of any level, there are interactive inserts, and we can observe the constant development of the plot. Sometimes in the conversation pilots even meet anime enemies, who mutter something like: "... I'll take your life, Earthman ...". At the end of each mission you are waiting for the boss. This is usually a huge and hard-to-kill creature. Well, inter-mission inserts develop the most sensual part of the story - the relationship between the pilot and his young war girlfriend. The graphics are also wonderful. The screen resolution of 320x200 is absolutely not critical for perception. Of particular note is the multidimensionality. There are a lot of layers that are scrolling at different speeds (all kinds of meteorites, pieces of metal, opponents, broken ships, etc.). For example, there are asteroids, which from falling into an enemy fighter. Even the lowest layer first appears static, but then, after a while, you begin to understand that it also shifts. In each mission the background displays their unique cosmic landscapes. There is a good 3D animation in the intro and in the inter-layer inserts. Melodies are all very dynamic, there are modern arrangements of classical music. Despite its Taiwan origin, the game became known outside of Asia. This is evidenced by lists of pirate collections of the 1990s, where this game often appears. Of course, the presence of hieroglyphs in the texts makes it very difficult to understand. But for this in the settings (游戲 設定) there is a switching of the game mode (模式) from the plot-emotional (劇情) to the usual action-less action (高分). Therefore, this gameplay will be understandable to any user.
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