Cyborg Invasion Shooter 2: Battle Of Earth Tero Lunkka 2018

Game is sequel to Cyborg Invasion Shooter. Player character is again cyborg soldier, who need to save world. Enemies have conquered now world and there are 3 hidden artifacts in every level, which player need to find to complete level. Different enemies are defending those artifacts. There are different enemies like soldiers, turrets and flying enemies. First version contains 7 different themed levels like: Village, City, Desert etc. Player has 4 weapon to use and also player need to find ammo pick-ups and health pick-ups. Every level contains 1-3 checkpoints where player re-spawn after death, if player reaches current checkpoint. Player can also use melee attack if no ammo. So be the hero, kill the enemies and find hidden artifacts. Features: 7 different themed levels; 4 Weapons - Rifle, Most powerful weapon; Shotgun - Powerful, but very inaccurate weapon; 2 pistols - Pistols aren't very powerful but they have lot of ammo; Health pick-ups; Ammo pick-ups; Lot of enemies - Different soldier, turrets, flying enemies. Planned updates: Some kind of pause menu; New levels - Target is to add 3-5 new levels before August 2018.
Download: None currently available

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